Rehab through strength

Our approach to rehab is one where you rehab through strength training. By strengthening the muscles around the disturbed area you are able to strengthen the area

Rehabing with age

As we age our bodies continue to lose muscle at an accelerating rate. Because of this it causes our bodies to become more and more fragile. We can counteract this muscle loss by strength training. By continuing to build strength as you age you will slow this muscle loss and by doing so you will be able to continue to do everything that you still love to do. It is never too late to start and you will be amazed at the results you will see even within the first few weeks of training

Injury Rehab

When rehabing an injury we typically think that it is best to hold off on strength training for a while, while allowing the muscles, or tendons a period to heal. However, recent developments and studies have show that this is not the most effective way to rehab. Strength training is actually the fastest way to recover from an injury. As you build stress in the area you are rehabbing it will strengthen the area and you will recover faster

Rehab vs Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can use repetitive movements that work early on in the recovery process, but does not give much benefit later on. The more beneficial aspect to rehab in late stage recovery is by strength training



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