Strength Training program

Strength training provides us many benefits that we may never even think helps us. However, as we age we continue to lose muscle which will lead to problems down the road. You can lift weight and build strength at any age and it is a misconception that you should lift less as you age. At Harold's we like to focus on building a plan with you to achieve whatever goal you have for yourself.

Our Trainers

Harold Johnson

Harold started Athletic Advantage Gym in 2009. Since then his business has grown and evolved into Harold's Gym as it is today. Harold has worked with hundreds of clients over the years and is always working to make his methods more efficient and beneficial

Malcolm played football at Boise State and Portland State and has coached football at Barlow High School for the last 3 seasons. Malcolm trains with the same program that we train everyone else with. Malcom has been a strength coach and trainer since 2018

Malcolm Johnson



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